Crochet baby blanket- free pattern

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Hello my girls, today I will show you my crochet baby blanket. Because I don’t have a baby, my model was my cat. He enjoyed it very much mostly because he loves to sleep on my crocheted items. Every time I’m taking a brake from crocheting I find him relaxing on my projects.

The stitch it may look a little bit difficult at first, but with patience, after the first rows you will see it actually easy to crochet. The pattern only uses the double crochet stitch, you just have to be careful not to miss a stitch.

This crochet baby blanket is one of my favorite pattern, it’s so beautiful, airy and it looks wonderful in any color you like.  I think this crochet baby blanket is perfect for spring, summer and fall. Is the perfect gift for a baby shower.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "crochet baby blanket", "easy baby blanket", "baby blanket"
Crochet Baby blanket

The dimension of this crochet blanket is 91 cm length X 91 cm width (36 inches X 36 inches). I used cotton from my stash and a 2 mm hook, the pattern is very easy, perfect even if you are a beginner.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "crochet baby blanket", "easy baby blanket", "baby blanket"
Crochet Baby blanket

I hope you like the color because I love it and I think it will fit for both sex: girl or boy. You can use this pattern to crochet any kind of blanket, not just a baby blanket, you just have to work until you reach the size you need.

The blanket sizing:

Baby blanket: 91 cm x 91 cm / 36″x 36″;

Toddler blanket: 107 cm x 132 cm / 42″x 52″;

Lapghan: 91 cm x 122 cm / 36″x 48″;

Throw blanket: 132 cm x 152 cm / 52″x 60″;

Twin bed: 150 cm x 216 cm / 59″x 85″;

Full/ queen: 229 cm x 229 cm/ 90″x 90″;

King: 274 cm x 229 cm/ 108″x 90″.

You will need:

350 g cotton (use your favorite brand);

3 mm hook (or what hook size is indicated on the label);

Here are a my recommendations for the yarn you could use for this pattern:

Dralon is a high quality antibacterial acrylic. It’s a soft yarn, more durable and resistant to dirt, mites and moths and very easy to clean, qualities that makes this yarn perfect for baby blankets. The colors are bright and beautiful, choose your favorite from here:


This yarn is made of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. This blend makes it a durable yarn that may be used for almost anything. Choose your favorite color from here:



This yarn is made of 60% merino wool and 40% acrylic.The amount of acrylic makes the yarn much more resistant and durable. Choose your favorite color here:




ch= chain;

sc= single crochet;

dc= double crochet;

dc2tog= double crochet 2 together;

dc 3 tog = double crochet 3 together

The pattern uses US crochet terminology.


The Written Instructions for Crochet baby blanket:

For this pattern you have to make multiple of 23 chain plus 3 chain, my blanket has 302 chains.

1.Row 1: 4 ch, 9 dc starting with 7th ch from the hook, 2ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc in the same ch, 2ch, skip 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 3 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch; *skip 2ch, 9dc, 2ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc in the same ch, 2ch, skip 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 3 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch* repeat *-*; 1 dc in the last ch.

2. Row 2: 4 ch, *dc 2 tog, 1 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch, 2 dc in 1st dc of 3dc of the previous row, 1dc, 2dc in 3rd 3dc of the previous row, 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 5dc, dc 2tog, 2 ch*, repeat *-*, 1dc in space of 4ch of previous row.

3. Row 3: 4 ch, *dc 2 tog, 3 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch, 3 dc in space of 2 ch of previous row, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same dc, 3 dc, 2 dc in the same dc, 2 ch, dc 3 tog, 2 ch* repeat *-*, 1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.

4. Row 4: 4 ch, *2 dc in the same dc, 5 dc, 2 dc in the same dc, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same dc, 1 dc, 2 dc in the same dc, 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 1 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch*, repeat *-*, 1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.


5. Row 5: 4 ch, *dc 3 tog, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same dc, 3 dc, 2 dc in the same dc, 2 ch, 9 dc, 2 ch*, repeat *-*, 1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.

6. Row 6: 4 ch, * dc 2 tog, 5 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same dc, 5 dc, 2 dc in the same dc, 2 ch*, repeat *-*, 1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.

7. Row 7: 4 ch, * 9 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in the space of 2 ch of previous row, 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 3 dc, dc 2 tog, 2ch*, repeat *-*,  1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.

Repeat the pattern from row 2 until you reach the desired length. Make an edge working 2 rounds of sc.

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 The video tutorial for crochet baby blanket:


The chart for crochet baby blanket:

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "crochet baby blanket", "easy baby blanket", "baby blanket"
Crochet Baby blanket

You can wash it by hand or in a washing machine at 30 degrees.

I hope you will enjoy your new blanket, my cat loves his.

Here is a list with my others baby blankets:

1. Crochet chevron baby blanket;

2. Diamond crochet baby blanket:

3. Knitted baby blanket;

4. One day baby blanket.

I hope you enjoyed this project and I can’t wait to see your photos with this crochet baby blanket, feel free to tag me when you share your baby blanket on Instagram or Facebook, or you can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla. 

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Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "crochet baby blanket", "easy baby blanket", "baby blanket"
Crochet Baby blanket

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Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "crochet baby blanket", "easy baby blanket", "baby blanket"

Copyright 2020 Turquoise with vanilla. All right reserved. This pattern is property of Julia Bleau @Turquoisewithvanilla. Please DO NOT sell the pattern and claim this pattern as your own. The pattern is for personal use only and may not be translated or reproduced in another language. Please respect my rights, DO NOT share or publish this pattern anywhere without my permission. You can sell the items made with this pattern but please credit Turquoise with vanilla as the designer.

123 thoughts on “Crochet baby blanket- free pattern

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately is not the first one! I hope people knows that they can find the pattern for free.

  1. I finally got it after many attempts on a practice swatch! I was putting stitches in all the wrong places (tips of the leaves, into the chains,vetch) and couldn’t get my counts right. Between the video and the chart it finally sank in! Y thanks for this beautiful pattern. I have to decide on yarn and size.

  2. Hello this is beautiful. I am a crochet beginner and i want to try to make this one for a collegue of mine , her baby is due in september. If i want to make the same size than you ( baby size) do you mean that i have to start with 302 chaines of 23+3 from the beginning? And many rows? I don’ t really understand because otherwise i will end up with scarf size? How do you fixe yhem together at the end?

    1. You’ll have to start with 302 chains. But the number of chains depends on how thick is your yarn, mine was very thin and that why I needed so many chains. You can make a gauge with the yarn you want to use for the baby blanket and see how many chains do you need for the dimensions of the blanket, this is the easiest way. Or you can just start with 302 chains and make the blanket as big as it is with your yarn. You need to crochet as many rows are needed to get the length you want.

    2. I started this for new great-nephew and used a thicker yarn. I needed 187 stitches to make a nice sized baby blanket. (My yarn says “medium 4” on the packaging.)

  3. How can I determine how much yarn to purchase? The yarn I want to use is Baby Batik White Grey Black from ICE Yarns. It comes in balls with these specifications: Weight :100 gr. / 3.53 oz. per ball. Length :360 m. / 393 yds. per ball. I want to make the Toddler size.

    1. I always have a problem with that too so I always buy extra yarn, just to be sure! I think 4 balls of yarn should be enough, but you better buy 1 or 2 extra, just in case.

  4. Hi! I’m finishing up a blanket using this beautiful pattern! Your diagram made it super easy to work my way through the parts I was confused and then you really get a hang of the pattern! I’m a complete rookie.

    I apologize if you mentioned this already but can you share with me what you did for the border? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it. For the border I’ve made 2 rounds of single crochet.

      1. I love this pattern! I am up to doing the border. Can you please tell me how many single crochets you did in the side ‘chain 4’ sections? Thanks!!

        1. I’m not sure, but 2 or 3, depends on the yarn I’m using and how I think it looks better.

  5. Hi! I absolutely love this pattern, however I found myself having to guess a bunch at what stitches to do because it wasn’t written. For example, at the start of each new row, you say to chain 4, and then say to do two DC. But you don’t specify where; I had to restart this blanket twice because I couldn’t figure out where I was messing up, until I figured out you wanted the double crochets at the start of the bundle of previous crochets (if that makes sense).

    Another part I kept getting caught on was row 4; I’m making a decent sized blanket, so I have multiple triangles going up and down (the tips of the leaves), and it wasn’t written down what to do when one tip was finished; chain an extra four and completely skip over the finished tip and start the next crochet on the unfinished part after that? Or was I missing a stitch? I think this is a wonderful tutorial, but I think it would benefit a ton of people if you could go back and maybe be a tad more specific. Other than that I’m super greatful for this tutorial and this blanket pattern and I can’t wait to see what other patterns you have! Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry you have struggled with this pattern, but actually it is written were you have to crochet the “dc”. The pattern has step by step pictures, the chart and a video tutorial, all that in order to help everyone if is something they don’t understand. Thank you for the time to write everything made you struggle with it, I will re-read the pattern and make some changes if I’ll find necessary.

    2. Haley thanks for your comment. I just got to row two and was stumped. This pattern isn’t on ravelry (that I could find) so I jumped down here to see if it was address in the comments. Now I’ll be on the lookout for row four – and I’ll have to watch the videos when I’m home like Turquoise with Vanilla suggested.

  6. I love this pattern! It is beautiful! I am crocheting a blanket for my daughter who is due in September. Do you know about how many yards of yarn you need for the baby sized blanket and the toddler sized blanket? Thank you so much!

    1. Congratulations! I can’t help you with this information, I have all my yarn in grams.

  7. Oh my…this is gorgeous. I am using this pattern to make small blankets for Project Robby. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us and the beautiful photo’s and chart.

  8. This is fabulous. Can’t wait to try it, after working on a graph CAL which I am very far behind on, it will be nice to do such an elegant but easy to complete project. Now I can catch up on baby gifts for recent cousins.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful pattern. I can’t wait to make this for my great grandkids. Oh and I must tell you that your fur baby is beautiful. A real sweetie.

  10. Hi! Thank you so much for this easy to understand pattern, I can’t wait to make a blanket for my first soon to be niece or nephew 🙂
    I was wondering, if I wanted to use a few different colours through the blanket, to tie into my sisters nursery theme, would you recommend an easy way of doing so? I plan on trying a few options, but thought if you had any insight before I go to the effort it might make my job easier in the long run 😀
    Again, thanks for the pattern <3

    1. Congratulations!
      Thank you! I think the easiest way is to use a cake-yarn, I really love the beautiful color transitions, the color combinations and you don’t have to worry if the colors are a match or not. You can use a cake-yarn with colors that changes one thread at a time, this will give your project a beautiful and slow transition of the colors.

  11. Hi. My grandmother is trying to make a baby blanket using this pattern. However, we are confused with some of the wording used. Can you please explain how to start the pattern? We do not understand what you mean by “you have to make multiple of 23 chain plus 3 chain”. How did you get 302 chains? Does this mean you will have 302 chains in length or was this used with skinny thread? Is the 280 g cotton thread referring to the type thread used for doilies or wash cloths? What size thread should she used for a baby blanket? Is there a video tutorial on how to start this pattern? That would be super helpful. Thanks.

    1. 302-3 chain=299 (multiple of 23).
      The yarn I’ve used was very thin (lace or fingering cotton, “crochet cotton”-the name of the yarn in the country I’ve bought it).
      She can use any yarn she like: baby yarn, fingering or sock yarn…
      You can find the video tutorial and the chart at the end of the written article.

  12. Hi! This is a beautiful pattern, and I’m excited to create with it. Below, I’ve copy/pasted the instructions for Row 2, and added 3 parentheses around what I’m not clear on. The text is “2 dc tog,” which appears twice in the instructions for Row 2. Does it mean one dc2tog, or two dc2tog, or something else entirely? I’m about to start my project, and I’m not clear on the meaning of “2 dc tog.” Thank you so much.

    Row 2: 4 ch, *dc 2 tog, 1 dc, dc 2 tog, 2 ch, 2 dc in 1st dc of 3dc of the previous row, 1dc, 2dc in 3rd 3dc of the previous row, 2 ch, (((2 dc tog))), 5dc,
    (((2 dc tog))), 2 ch*, repeat *-*, 1dc in space of 4ch of previous row.

  13. I’m about a 6th of the way through my massive blanket. I went by your stitch count not taking into consideration yarn weight. It was originally going to be a nice small couch blanket and is now going to be a queen/king sized beauty. My fiance is thrilled since he is very tall. haha. Anyways, It’s turning out beautifully and I’m very thankful for the diagram you posted with the pattern. It helped me out immensely in the beginning. Thanks for the pattern. We love it and can’t wait for it to be finished!

    1. You’re welcome! Your message made me very happy! I would love to see pictures with your project! I think you are very brave to crochet this pattern in a queen/king size blanket, I’m sure it will be a beauty! I hope I will see it on Instagram or Facebook. I love diagrams and charts too! I hope in the future I’ll succeed to complete all my patterns with diagrams.

  14. hi, thanks for the tutorial ! Love this pattern ! Just one question, if I want to make a lapghan, should I also start with 23 stitches +3 ?

        1. Depends of the yarn you use. You can make a gauge (you can make 23+3 chains and crochet for 13 rows), then measure it. This way you can calculate the number of chains you need for your lapghan.

  15. You said you did 302 ch. what would consider your blanket to be? I am trying to make a baby blanket for my nephew to be but not sure how big to make it? Was thinking toddler size so that he could use it longer and not just for when he is a baby. I went ahead and did 302 ch but thinking it’s going to be bigger than I had thought.

    1. My yarn was very thin! You have to adjust your chain foundation to your yarn, make a gauge: you can make 23 plus 3 chain and crochet for 7 or 13 rows (don’t forget to start the 2nd row crocheting 4chain!). After that you measure how many cm/inch has the gauge and you can decide how many chains your foundation needs. Tell me how it goes 🙂

  16. I love this pattern and can’t wait to try it! My best friend from college is having her first baby and I wanted to find something unique and pretty and this is perfect! Do you think it would be too cumbersome with a “regular” (for lack of a better term) yarn and like a 5mm hook? I’m not used to working with such fine yarn, but I love the way it looks so I’m going to give it a try. Thank you so much for this pattern and video tutorial!

  17. My daughter wants me to make a 48″x48″ throw out of alpaca with this pattern. I am a beginning crocheter. Can you tell me if it will still look nice with the alpaca? Also, how many chains to begin with and what size hook? Thank you.

    1. I think it will look beautiful, but I can’t tell you for sure. I’m not sure how many chains you need to begin, depends on your yarn (on the label you will find the information about the hook you need to crochet it). You can make 23+3 chain and work for 7 row of the pattern and then see how much cm or inch measure and then calculate how much you need for your desired size.

  18. The blanket is so beautiful. I can’t wait to try it. I think it is so generous of you to take the time to share it with us. Thank you for that!

  19. The blanket is beautiful. The pattern is confusing and gave me a headache in the first row… when it say repeat from *-* what exactly do you mean? I chained 2 and then I’m suppose to skip 8 stitches? The pic shows 2 stitches…

    1. Thank you! After you make 2 ch, you skip 2ch and make 9dc, 2ch, skip 2 ch and make 3dc in the same stitch…

  20. Thank you for this beautiful pattern…..I lost all my patterns in the northern CA “Camp Fire” I have three coworkers who are expecting and love to make homemade items to give

  21. Beautiful blanket! 23 +3 did not work for me. I ended up with just 2 chains left and it should be 3 (also per diagram). Going forward I’ll do 23 +4. Other than that directions/pictures are great!

    1. Thank you! I don’t know why the formula didn’t worked for you, but I’m happy you found a solutions. I hope I will see the pictures with your project.

  22. Been trying to find your pattern for a while, links usually lead to nothing! lol
    Thanks you very much for this beautiful design!!

  23. Hi, this blanket is beautiful, and I’m excited to make it in pink for the baby girl my cousin is expecting. I have a question about your yarn, as I am in the US. What “weight” is your yarn? It looks like maybe a 3/DK weight? Or is it closer to a 4/Worsted? Thanks!

    1. My yarn is very thin, I think is fingering weight (in US terms), I don’t have the label of this kind of yarn (and I have a large quantity), so I don’t know for sure, but it looks beautiful with a 2mm hook so I think is lace or super fine yarn.

  24. Thank you for this gorgeous pattern. My eldest daughter announced yesterday that my first grandchild is a little girl and this blanket is going to make a perfect gift. And the colour is perfect as they want grey and other neutral colours 😁

    1. Congratulation! I’m very happy you choose my pattern for your grandchild blanket, I think grey is perfect for a baby blanket.

  25. How can this be made into a round tablecloth pattern? I’ve been searching for some time for a pattern that I like instantly and this is it.

  26. Not sure if the original stitch count is off for the 302 count. But I have tried this pattern for 3 days now and I have never had to rip out a project more time in the first row in my life. Love the look but the pattern is a headache, Maybe just me but I gave up.

    1. Yes my blanket has 302 chains (my yarn was very thin). I’m very sorry you needed to rip it out so many times. I posted the chart/diagram if that is more helpful for you, you will find it under the video tutorial.

  27. Hello! I really like this pattern, and I have now reached the edging. I am wondering how many SC I should make on the side? Where I have made ch4 and DC. I was thinking about making 2sc in each “space” but should I also make one in each of the parts where the dc meets the chain? Does it make sense?

    1. Hello, I’m usually making 1 sc for each ch and 1 sc for each dc, so if I have 2 ch I’m making 2 sc, and if I have 7 dc (for example) I’m making 7 sc. I didn’t make a sc in the parts where the dc meets the ch.

  28. I have a question about row 7.
    Row 7: 4 ch, * 9 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in the space of 2 ch of previous row, 2 ch, dc 2 tog, 3 dc, dc 2 tog*, repeat *-*, 1 dc in space of 4 ch of previous row.
    Should there be 2 ch after dc 2 tog, before the repeat?

  29. I’m having a hard time figuring out where I’ve gone wrong with the 8th row. It looks right until I get to the second chain 2, and it gets wonky. Are we to skip some stitches that aren’t mentioned in the above directions? I was able to look at the pictures for the other rows, but now that I’m starting back at row 2 on top of row 7 I don’t have any pictures to go by. I love this pattern and would love to be able to finish it. Thank you!!

    1. Hello, you start the 8th row making 4 ch, then you make dc2tog in the first 2 dc of the previous row, 1dc, dc2tog and continue as the row 2 says. I hope is helpful for you, if not write to me.

  30. I really want to make this in autumn colours but I’m terrible at following patterns.
    Do you know if anyone has down a video tutorial similar to this? It’s so pretty. 😻

  31. Lovely blanket! I’m trying to make it myself but I’m having trouble getting it started. I can’t get row one to come out correctly. Would you please explain the beginning of it? The instructions say to crochet into the third chain from the hook, but in the picture it looks like there are 5 or 6 chains before the first DC in the 9 DC set.

    1. Thank you. So after you make the chain row, you start the first row making 4 chains, but you don’t count them, you count 3 chains from the chain row and make the dc in the 3rd ch of the chain row, so you actually make the dc in 8th ch from the hook. I hope I explained it well 🙂

  32. I have a lot of yarn in my stash which has little bobbles on it – it was left to me by a friend who sadly passed 15years ago and I can never think what to do with it. Do you think the “bobbles” would detract from the leaf pattern or enhance it? I have it in many pastel shades.
    Thank you for sharing your pattern – it may well be a Christmas present or two!

    1. I can not say, I don’t know how the yarn looks like. You can try to make a sample and if it look good, why not?

    1. I’m not sure, but you can make 23+3 chain and work for 7 row of the pattern and then see how much cm or inch measure and then calculate how much you need for your desired size.

    2. I’m currently making a baby blanket with sport weight. I started with 164 ch. That is 7 multiples of 23 + 3 more ch. So far it appears it will be more like 38 inches. I plan on putting a flannel backing on it when I’m finished. Love the pattern! Thank you turcoaz cu vanilie.

      1. You’re welcome. I’m very happy you love this pattern and you choose another yarn, I’m sure it will look beautiful.

  33. This is very beautiful. I am thinking about making a queen size afghan for my son and his wife for Christmas, I think this will work nicely. Thank you very much for putting the pattern up. 🙂

    1. It will be beautiful! I’m happy you choose this pattern for the blanket, I can wait so see the pictures.

      1. Hi! I love this pattern! It will go perfectly in my nephews nursery! I am trying to figure out how wide I should make the blanket? I want it to be big enough that he can use it longer than just when he is a baby. I am using simply soft with a 5mm hook. Trying to figure out how many chains I need to do.

        1. Thank you! You can make a gauge, this way you can calculate how many chains you need for the dimensions you need to be.

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  35. Beautiful pattern. Plus your model is very pretty and posses so well for you. Sorry but I had to look at the pictures before the pattern or instruction pictures.

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