This is my first knit lapghan, it was a challenge but I fell in love with the pattern and the yarn. I think it took me two month to finish it, at a point it sat untouched a few weeks but I could not let it unfinished, so here it is and I love it.

It will be perfect for the cool autumn mornings, for me and my cat, as you can see he didn’t have the patience to finish it, so in part is his blanket too.


The blanket sizing:

Baby blanket: 91 cm x 91 cm / 36″x 36″;

Toddler blanket: 107 cm x 132 cm / 42″x 52″;

Lapghan: 91 cm x 122 cm / 36″x 48″;

Throw blanket: 132 cm x 152 cm / 52″x 60″;

Twin bed: 150 cm x 216 cm / 59″x 85″;

Full/ queen: 229 cm x 229 cm/ 90″x 90″;

King: 274 cm x 229 cm/ 108″x 90″.

This is the youtube tutorial if you prefer to learn from a video:

You will need:

700 g Red Heart Detroit;

4,5 mm needle;

Cable needle.


K= knit,

P= purl,

ss= slip stitch.

Pattern instructions:

Cast on multiple of 15 plus 2 edge stitches, my blanket has 347 stitches.

Row 1: knit all stitches;

Row 2: purl all stiches;

Row 3: repeat row 1;

Row 4: repeat row 2;

Row 5: repeat row 1;

Row 6: repeat row 2;

Row 7: repeat row 1;

Row 8: repeat row 2;

Row 9: ss, *transfer 5 stitches onto cable needle and hold it in front, k 5 from main needle, k 5 from cable needle, k 5*, repeat *-*, k1;

Row 10: purl all stitches;

Row 11: knit all stitches;

Row 12: purl all stitches;

Row 13: knit all stitches;

Row 14: purl all stitches;

Row 15: knit all stitches;

Row 16: purl all stitches;

Row 17: ss, *k5, transfer 5 stitches into cable needle and hold it in back, k5 from main needle, k5 from cable needle*, repeat *-*, k 1;

Row 18: repeat from row 2 until you reach the desired length.

You can wash it by hand or in a washing machine at 30 degrees and block it.

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