The crochet Diamonds dress is very easy to crochet, the pattern only uses the double crochet stitch and it has a minimum shaping so if you are a beginner this project is perfect for you.

I’ve crocheted the Diamonds dress special to wear it with jeans, I love this look for the relaxing week-end days. But sometimes when I want to look more elegant I’m wearing it with long boots and a wide belt and I feel amazing!

I love this crochet Diamonds dress because is versatile and I can create different looks depending on the mood I have, it can be cozy or it can be elegant.

The crochet Diamonds dress is 108 cm width and 80 cm long, a little bit large for me, but I like it this way.

For the crochet Diamonds dress/ long sweater you will need:

For this size I’ve used 800 g cotton and 3 mm hook, and I recommend these yarns:

This is a very high quality cotton yarn. The mercerisation process gives the cotton a fantastic sheen and makes it even more durable. The color chart includes plenty of gorgeous colors, you just have to decide what color you like and get started. Here you can buy this yarn:

This yarn is 50% cotton+ 50% acrylic, a blend that adds softness and elasticity to the quality. And the price is great! Choose your favorite color from here:




Another beautiful cotton and acrylic blend. This cotton blend ensures that the finished result keeps its shape. Choose your favorite color from here:




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Skill level: Easy.


The pattern uses US crochet terminology.

ch= chain;

dc= double crochet;

The pattern for The crochet Diamonds Dress/ long sweater:

The Chart for the stitch:

Make multiple of 10 chains plus 3.

 The video tutorial for the stitch, if the video doesn’t work here is the link for the video tutorial:

The written pattern:

1.Row 1: 2ch, 1dc in 4th chain from the hook, *4dc, 1ch, skip 1ch, 5dc*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
2.Row 2: 2ch, 1dc, *3dc, 1ch, 1dc in ch of previous row, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row and make 4 dc*, repeat *-*, 1 dc.
3.Row 3: 2ch, 1dc, *2dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 3dc (1st in ch of previous row, the 2nd in dc of previous  row and the 3rd in ch of previous row), 1ch, skip 1 dc of previous row, 3 dc*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
4.Row 4: 2ch, 1dc, * 1dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 5dc (1st in ch of previous row, the next 3dc in dc of previous  row and the 5th in ch of previous row), 1ch, skip 1 dc of previous row, 2 dc*, repeat *-*, 1 dc.
5.Row 5: 2ch, 1dc, *1ch, 7dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 1dc*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
6.Row 6: 3ch, *9dc, 1ch*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
7.Row 7: 2ch, 1dc, *1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 7dc, 1ch, 1dc in ch of previous row*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
8.Row 8: 2ch, 1dc, *1dc in ch of previous row, skip 1dc of previous row, 5 dc, 1ch, 2dc (first in ch of previous row)*, repeat *-*, 1 dc.
9.Row 9: 2ch, 1dc, *2dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 3dc, 1ch, 3dc (first in ch of previous row)*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
10.Row 10: 2ch, 1dc, *3dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 1dc, 1ch, 4dc*, repeat *-*, 1dc.
11.Row 11: 2ch, 1dc  *4dc, 1ch, skip 1dc of previous row, 5dc*, repeat *-*, 1dc.

Repeat the pattern from row 2.

My dress has 143 ch for the front panel and 143 ch for the back, don’t forget that I’ve made mine a large size.

Crochet the pattern for 68 cm (81 rows) and make the neck line.


The neck line and the shoulders:

The right shoulder:

82.Row 82: repeat the Row 2 for 53 sts;
83. Row 83: repeat Row 3 for 53 sts;
84. Row 84: repeat the Row 4 for 53 sts;
85. Row 85: repeat the Row 5 for 53 sts;
86. Row 86: repeat the Row 6 for 53 sts;
87. Row 87: repeat the Row 7 for 53 sts;
88. Row 88: repeat the Row 8 for 53 sts;
89.Row 89: repeat the Row 9 for 53 sts;
90. Row 90: repeat the Row 10 for 53 sts.

Skip 34 sts and crochet the left shoulder like you did the right one.

I’ve crocheted the front panel identical with the back.

Sew the right and the back together leaving a open space for the sleeves (16 cm).

The sleeves:

I’ve crocheted the sleeves directly on the dress. After you sew the back and the front together crochet the sleeves directly on the arm holes.

Make sure you crochet a multiple of 10 plus 3 sts (my sleeves has 83 sts= 32cm) and crochet the pattern as long as you need. For the last 12 cm I’ve crocheted the ribbing. For the ribbing you can use a smaller hook (2.75 mm or 2.5 mm). Sew the sleeve and crochet the ribbing in rounds.

Crochet the neckband directly on the dress,  you can crochet it separately and sew it on the dress. I prefer to crochet it directly on the dress in rounds. I’ve crocheted the neckline in the same stitch like the bottom of the dress.

For the neckband follow the chart bellow:

Crochet the bottom of the dress in ribbing directly on the dress in rounds (14 rounds).

The ribbing:

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I hope you enjoyed this project and I can’t wait to see your photos with the Diamonds dress , feel free to tag me when you share your dress on Instagram or Facebook, or you can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla. 

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