How to crochet a Waffle stitch washcloth/dishcloth

A beautiful and textured wash/dishcloth, perfect for every day use. At the beginning this stitch may seem a little bit difficult, but actually is very easy, just be patient and you’ll see how beautiful it is and I’m sure you will enjoy this project.

For my washcloth/dishcloth I’ve used 50 g cotton  and a 4 mm hook.

For this project I recommend this yarn:

Superior quality cotton made from 100% organic cotton, natural and antibacterial. Here you can buy this yarn:

Here you can find your favorite color:




ch= chain;

dc= double crochet;

fpdc= front post double crochet.

Pattern Instructions:

Make an even number of chains.

The chart for the stitch:

This is the video tutorial, just hit “play” to see how this stitch it’s done:

The written instructions:

Row 1: dc in 3 rd ch from the hook, dc until the end of the row;

Row 2: 2 ch, 1 dc, *1 fpdc, 2 dc*, repeat *-*, 1 fpdc, 1 dc;

Row 3: 2 ch, 2 dc, *2 fpdc, 1 dc*, repeat *-*, 1 dc;

Make sure that where you have a double crochet on the previous row to make a front post double crochet and where you have a front post double crochet you will make a double crochet.

Repeat the pattern from row 2 until you reach the desire dimension.

After you finish the Waffle Stitch crochet a sc around the cloth.

For my wash/dishcloth I’ve started with 62 ch and I’ve crocheted the Alpine stitch for 28 rows. Don’t forget to make the round of sc at the end.

My wash/dishcloth has 23 cm (9 inch) length and 21 cm (8.5 inch) width.

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