herringbone infinity scarf

This free knitted pattern for the Herringbone Infinity Scarf is easy to knit and a fun project to make. This Herringbone knitted infinity scarf can be knit in no time on big needles. If you are a beginner, the herringbone stitch is a great stitch to knit after you’ve learned how to knit the knit and purl stitches.

The Herringbone Infinity scarf is very versatile, you can wear it down or all around your neck. It’s very cozy and warm, it’s a great accessory for fall or winter. I think everyone needs an infinity knit scarf in the wardrobe, it looks beautiful and can elevate your look in a second.

What I love the most about the Herringbone Infinity scarf is that it can be knitted for men too. So if you’re looking at how to knit an infinity scarf for your husband, son, or friend, choose a color he loves and knit this infinity scarf pattern and you’ll have a great gift. The pattern is very easy to adjust if you need to knit a wider scarf just cast on more stitches, but multiple of 2, and if you want a longer one just knit more rows.

If you are a beginner and is hard for you to understand the written pattern for this stitch, watch the video tutorial first and you’ll see exactly how to knit the herringbone stitch. This stitch is great for fall or winter projects, is very textured, durable, solid stitch pattern and easy to knit, and looks great knitted with worsted yarn and big straight or circular needles.

I’ve used 500g  30% Alpaca+ 70% Dralon (100g= 175m/ 3.53oz= 191 yards) a 10 mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle, for my knitted infinity scarf.

Dralon is a high-quality acrylic microfiber. The strength of dralon is higher than other yarns making it far more durable.  It accepts color well.  As a result, you have bright saturated colors.  The colors will not fade due to the light (or UV) resistance.  It is so easy to clean that it is considered to wash and wear.  It is antibacterial and resistant to dirt, mites, and moths. The dralon fiber is very soft. The fact that it is antibacterial, easy to clean, and resistant to dirt makes it ideal to use for babies and children but for adults as well.

This yarn has a beautiful structure that is also easy to work with. Zerda Alpaca doesn’t itch and is soft against your skin. The wool makes the yarn breathable, as is common with natural fibers, while the dralon grants the yarn an incredible color depth and makes the yarn durable. And The colors will stay beautiful year after year.  Zerda Alpaca can be used for almost any type of clothing – e.g. sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, and, naturally, a wealth of different accessories and interiors.

Here you can buy this great yarn for infinity scarf:



k2 tog= knit 2 together;

p2 tog= purl 2 together;

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herringbone infinity scarf

The final dimension of the Herringbone Infinity scarf: Width= 23 cm (9″)& Length= 142 cm (56″);

Gauge: 20 stitches and 16 rows to 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches).

Printable version for purchase HERE.

The instructions for the Herringbone Infinity Scarf:

The written pattern:

Cast on 50 stitches; if you want to make the scarf wider cast on more stitches, multiple of 2.

Row 1: k2 tog dropping only the first loop off the left needle, *k2 tog (the first loop of the previous stitch and the next stitch) dropping only the first loop off the needle*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row knit the last loop from the needle.

Row 2: p2 tog dropping only the first loop off the left needle, p2 tog (the first loop of the previous stitch and the next stitch) dropping only the first loop off the needle*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row, purl the last loop from the needle.

Repeat the pattern from row 1 until you have the desired length. My scarf is 142 cm, but you can make it longer or shorter by just knitting more or fewer rows.

Bind off: k2 tog, *slip the stitch from the right needle to the left needle and k3 tog*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row, k2 tog the last two stitches.

Cut the yarn leaving a long tail, pull the yarn through the last loop, and secure the stitch. Use the long tail of the yarn to sew together the two short edges of the scarf ( sew together the last row with the first row) using the mattress stitch with a tapestry needle.

Weave in the ends on the wrong side of the scarf.

The video tutorial:

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herringbone infinity scarf