262 crochet patterns- part 1: the first five charts/patterns

I love “262 crochet patterns”, this was my first crochet book. I have it for many years and I’m keeping it like a treasure.  Because of this book I’ve discovered the charts, I’ve learned the symbols and how to crochet with a chart. Since then I love charts and most of the time I choose to work with charts, even when I’m making my own patterns.

Starting with this week I will share with you all the patterns, so once a week I’ll publish 5 or 6 chart, rewritten by me to be easy to read and understand.

Today I’m sharing with you the first five charts:






I can’t wait to see your photos with your amazing projects made with this beautiful patterns. You can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla.com on Instagram or


Happy crocheting!

4 thoughts on “262 crochet patterns- part 1: the first five charts/patterns

  1. A-ți avut o idee foarte bună. Aceste modele dacă au și schema se pot lucra mult mai ușor. Dacă puteți când aveți puțin timp disponibil, mai așteptăm și alte modele. Mulțumesc frumos.

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