How to crochet The Deep Forest Scarf-free pattern

I’ve designed this scarf special for a friend who choose the dark green color. I love so much this pattern, I’ve already crocheted three scarves in different colors and I think it would look beautiful crocheted with a cake yarn.

For this scarf I’ve used 350 g cotton (7 x 50 g skein) and 3 mm hook, or 300 g (600 m) of ombre yarn.

For this project I recommend this yarn:

Superior quality cotton in all the colors you love, made from 100% soft and natural fibers. Here you can buy this yarn, don’t forget to choose your country in order to see the prices in your currency:


A soft and fabulous anti pilling acrylic yarn in a beautiful colors combinations. Choose your favorite combination from here:



This pattern looks great in pink too, you’ll find a pictures at the end of the article.


For the pink combination you find the yarn:




The chart: 


I love to add these flowers on the tassels, it looks beautiful and original, in a way are my signature, all my scarves have flowers and tassels.

The Flower:


I can’t wait to see your photos with your projects, you can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla or #turcoazcuvanilie on Instagram.

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