How to crochet Autumn Vibes scarf

This is my first triangle scarf, I fall in love with this pattern and I just knew I’ll make myself a scarf and what colors I will use for it. I had a small quantity of cotton left from my crochet cardigan (      and from a dress I’ve made for my sister witch combined perfectly with my new color obsession: mustard.

As you can see in the picture, this was all the yarn I have used for this scarf: approximately 100 g per ball.

Actually this is my first scarf made for me and is perfect for this autumn! I used cotton from my stash, (I bought a large quantity of cotton a few years ago and until this year I didn’t used it, I don’t know way because I love cotton! Unfortunately I don’t have the label anymore and I don’t know the brand, but the good side is that I have a big quantity of yarn for all my future projects, so no yarn shopping for me until the end of the year and next year).

For this scarf you will need:

300 g cotton (use your favorite brand);

2 mm hook (or what hook size is indicated on the label).

If it’s easier for you to learn from a video, I’ve made a youtube tutorial to show you how it’s done, just hit “play”.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern like I did. It’s easy to crochet and it will be a beautiful item for you or a lovely gift for someone you love.


12 thoughts on “How to crochet Autumn Vibes scarf

  1. I love this and want to make 4 of them but I don’t know where to start, I need more of a pattern or can you tell me where to start please.

  2. If you could do a video that would be so helpful. I still struggle reading patterns and find it easier to follow someone actually showing you how to make it. Thank you in advance

      1. I’m also looking for this written I cannot follow diagrams to save my life haha! Anyway it’s gorgeous and I love it I never make myself anything either this is perfect for me

    1. I didn’t make a written pattern, but I’m thinking to make a video tutorial this week, and probably if I have more girls interested in a written pattern I will make one too.

  3. I’ve only been crocheting a few months but I’m trying to teach myself and when I come across someone that leaves a free pattern for others I just have to say thank you because I am on disability and I can’t afford to keep buying patterns and this show is so beautiful and I’m gonna tag you in it if I ever get it finished I’m just starting it tonight it is just absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to tell you thank you for the free pattern and I was wondering do you have a pattern for the roses because I don’t know how to make flowers at all I wouldn’t even know where to begin if you don’t that’s fine I won’t try to find one but I really love yours I just wanted to say thank you again

    1. You’re welcome. I’m working on a chart for the rose, I will send you a message when is finished. Thank you for your appreciation!

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