Granny squares sweater- free pattern

As you all know by now: I love turquoise! I had this yarn for almost 3 years, I have bought it in a vacation, like a souvenir and I just did’t know what to crochet or knit with it, and I’ve kept it for something special! And this design is perfect for this yarn.

I love this sweater! It looks even better then I’ve imagined! It’s so soft and worm, perfect for this winter. And so easy to make it, in just 2 or 3 days you can have a new lovely sweater in colors you love.

The size of the sweater is S/M.

For this sweater you will need:

300g Paintbox Yarns Simply DK Navy Blue, click here to shop the yarn

300g Paintbox Yarns Simply DK White Champagne, click here to shop the yarn

If you want another yarn click here to find your favorite.

4mm hook.


ch= chain;

sc= single crochet;

dc= double crochet;

fpdc= front post double crochet.

Pattern Instructions:

For this pattern you have to make 18 granny squares: 9 for the front and 9 for the back. Join together 9 granny squares to make a big square for the base of the front panel and the other 9 for the base of the back panel.

The chart for the granny square:

For now on you will need to work around the front panel and the back one so that you will form the back and the front of your sweater. The both sides are worked in the same way. First I will show you a chart how to do it:

Now, in order to finish the front panel you have to crochet 2 rows of dc on left and right side. After that you need to crochet 5 rows for the shoulders. See how to do it in the chart above. For me is much easier to make that directly on the panel, but you can crochet the sides and the shoulders separately and then sew it with the front panel.

Make the same for the back panel.

Sew the both front and back panel together, or you can join them with single crochet ( I like to join my work with sc, because I love the little lines are formed on the sides- the turquoise line for this sweater). Don’t forget the armholes.

For the bottom ribbing work 10 rounds:

For the neck follow the chart bellow:

The sleeves: 

Starting from the armhole you can make them in round with dc, or you can crochet back and fort with dc. The last 7-10 rounds crochet the bottom ribbing.


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