lace stitch

The knit Horseshoe Lace stitch is a very easy and beautiful lace stitch to knit. You can use this stitch for all kinds of knitted items: summer cardigans, shawls, sweaters, tops, and baby blankets.

This is a beginner knitting pattern free, so if you only know how to knit the knit stitch and the purl stitch and how to decrease you’ll be able to knit this lace stitch without problems. The Horseshoe lace stitch is easy knitting for beginners and the perfect example of how simple stitches and basic techniques can make such a beautiful, chic, and elaborate finished piece that is hard to believe a beginner could knit.

In order to succeed to knit a lace stitch, you need to know how to make the yarn over stitch and how to decrease three stitches. Follow the links to learn how to knit these stitches.

So don’t give up if it doesn’t look good for the first time, or the second, we all have been there! Just take that needles and practice every day if you can and you’ll become so good that even you won’t believe it! You can do it and you can be good at it!

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Materials I used to knit this stitch: Yarn: Pure cotton fine and 3.5 mm needles.

cottonThis is very high-quality cotton yarn.

This yarn is made from 100% combed Turkish cotton, which is soft, flexible, and exceptionally durable. Textiles in Turkish cotton stay beautiful for many years and only get softer with use. This yarn also excels when it comes to its absorbing powers, but is quick-drying at the same time.

The color chart includes plenty of gorgeous colors, you have to decide what color you like and get started. Here you can buy this yarn:


lace stitch


sl1= slip 1;

K= knit;

P= purl;

yo= yarn over;

sl1 k2 tog psso= slip one stitch, knit two together pass slipped stitch over;

St= stitch;

RS= right side;

WS= wrong side.

The written instruction for the Horseshoe Lace stitch:

Cast on multiple of 10 stitches plus 1:

1.Row 1 (RS): K1, *yo, k3, sl 1, k2tog psso, k3, yo, k1*, repeat *-* to the end of the row;
2. Row 2: Purl all stitches;
3. Row 3: P1, *k1, yo, k2, sl1, k2tog psso, k2, yo, k1, p1*, repeat *-* to the end of the row;
4. Row 4: K1, *p9, k1*, repeat *-* to the end of the row;
5. Row 5: P1, *k2, yo, k1, sl1, k2tog psso, k1, yo, k2, p1*, repeat*-* to the end of the row;
6. Row 6: K1, *p9, k1*, repeat *-* to the end of the row;
7. Row 7: P1, *k3, yo, sl1, k2tog psso, yo, k3, p1*, repeat *-* to the end of the row;
8. Row 8: Purl all stitches.

Repeat the pattern from row 1.

The chart for the Horseshoe Lace stitch:

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I hope you enjoyed the Horseshoe Lace stitch and I can’t wait to see your projects made with the Horseshoe Lace stitch. Also, feel free to tag me when you share your project on Instagram or Facebook, or you can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla. 

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lace stitch