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The Knit Velvet Twist Headband is a textured headband that will keep your ears extra warm. This velvet Headband is a beautiful crochet ear warmer to go with your Spring-Fall and Winter wardrobe and is very comfortable and cozy to wear and is perfect to hide messy hair. I love how the twist on the front looks, this attractive twist is made by sewing the two edges together which is actually the seam.

This free knitted pattern for the Velvet Twist headband is easy to knit and a fun project to make. This velvet headband can be knit in no time on big needles. If you are a beginner, the herringbone stitch is a great stitch to knit after you’ve learned how to knit the knit and purl stitches.

If you are a beginner and is hard for you to understand the written pattern for this stitch, watch the video tutorial first and you’ll see exactly how to knit the herringbone stitch. This stitch is great for fall or winter projects, is very textured, durable, solid stitch pattern and easy to knit, and looks great knitted with worsted yarn and big straight or circular needles.

I know I’ll be making this piece over and over in so many different colors and I’m sure all of my friends will want one in their favorite color.

Sometimes I need something small to knit on in between big projects and the knit velvet Twist headband is perfect if you need to take a break from your current project. For me to relax means to knit or crochet something else! And even I always have two or three projects started, sometimes I just need something else to knit.

For my headband, I’ve used 50 g (100g= 120 m/ 3.53 oz=131 yards) and a 10 mm needle, this is the yarn I’ve used for my Velvet Twist Headband:

The Chenille baby is a super bulky velour yarn made out of 100% microfiber. The velour-like surface is what makes the yarn so incredibly soft, that it’s hard to keep your fingers off it. The texture is silky and smooth to the touch with a light sheen to it. This chenille yarn can be turned into a lovely garment: headbands, beanies, sweaters, cardigans, and scarves, as well as teddy bears and home decor projects such as cuddly pillow covers, blankets, and comfy poufs.




twist knit headband

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st(s)= stitch(es);

k= knit;

p= purl;

k2 tog= knit 2 together;

p2 tog= purl 2 together;

RS= right side;

WS= the wrong side.


The final dimension of  The Knit Velvet Twist Headband is 51 cm/ 20 inches long and 9.5 cm/ 3.7 inches in width.

If you need to crochet this headband for teens, for a child or toddler just knit fewer rows.

Teen/ Adult: 46-51 cm/18-20 inches;

Child (3-12 years): 43-45.5/17-18 inches;

Toddler: (1-3 years): 38-43/15-17 inches.

Feel free to wrap it around your head to ensure the size feels correct.


The pattern for the Knit Velvet Twist Headband:

The video tutorial:

The written pattern:

Cast on 16 stitches (multiple of 2).
Row 1: k2 tog dropping only the first loop off the left needle, *k2 tog (the first loop of the previous stitch and the next stitch) dropping only the first loop off the needle*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row, and knit the last loop from the needle.
Row 2: p2 tog dropping only the first loop off the left needle, p2 tog (the first loop of the previous stitch and the next stitch) dropping only the first loop off the needle*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row, and purl the last loop from the needle.
Repeat the pattern from row 1 until you have the desired length. My headband has 51 cm, but you can make it longer or shorter by just knitting more or fewer rows.
Bind off: k3 tog, *slip the stitch from the right needle to the left needle and k3 tog*. Repeat *-* to the end, and secure the last stitch. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail for seaming.

SEAMING: Watch the video for a demonstration of how to seam the twist.

Lay the fabric out flat with the right side facing up. Fold one end in half and next, fold the other end in half. Slide the two folded ends together and even out the stitches. It should have four edges lined up. Using the long tail thread it on the yarn needle. Sew the four edges together, secure the knot, end off the yarn, and weave in the ends. Turn the headband with the right side out.

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