It’s time to complete your winter wardrobe with a new slouchy hat and a cowl made in a beautiful color with a touch of black. I love cold weather because I can wear my hats, cowls, shawls, scarves. I always say that a woman never have too many hats, or cowls or scarves!

I love this stitch, and if you are a beginner and you only know to knit and purl you can easily make this hat and cowl, especially there’s no increasing or decreasing. 

The diagonal rib is a pattern that can be used not only as a decorative border but also as an allover pattern. I love the texture of this stitch and I think it’s perfect for a hat and a cowl. It also works up very quickly and the shape is very “in” right now, so if you don’t have a slouchy hat yet this is it! Also it can be a perfect gift for your friends and family. 


For the hat and the cowl you will need:

150 g Red Heart Detroit DK, color 05675;

30 g Red Heart Detroit Dk black;

4,5 mm needle;


K= knit,

P= purl,

Pattern instructions:

Cast on multiple of 4 stitches.

Row 1 (RS): *K2, P2*, repeat *-* to end;

Row 2 (WS): repeat row 1;

Row 3: K1, *P2, K2*, repeat *-*, to last 3 stitches P2, K1;

Row 4: P1, * K2, P2*, repeat *-*, to last 3 stitches K2, P1;

Row 5: *P2, K2*, repeat *-* to end;

Row 6: Repeat row 5;

Row 7: Repeat row 4;

Row 8: Repeat row 3;

Repeat from row 1 until you reach the desired length. 

After you finish the last row, cut the strand about 25-30 cm length and pull it through the all stitches, tighten and fasten well. If you want you can add a pom pom, mine has a faux fur pom pom.

My hat has 120 stitches and 25 cm length. 

This is the chart for the stitch pattern:

For the cowl I cast on 132 stitches and the length is 27 cm. You can make the first and the last two rows in black yarn, like I did, or you can use the same color.

Both the hat and the cowl are not made in round so after you knit it you will have to sew them. 

I hope you will enjoy making this pattern and I can’t wait to see what colors you will choose. You still have time to make some for Christmas gifts! 

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