The crochet Wild Tulips Top is an easy and a modern top that’s flattering on anyone and if you have flabby arms this top is perfect for you!

The Wild Tulips top is perfect for a summer casual day to wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. If you think the lace is to much for you, you can wear it with a basic top under and you’ll still look beautiful.

You can crochet it with 3/4 sleeves and you’ll have a wonderful top for fall or spring.

With this pattern, I wanted to challenge myself to create something that would work for warm weather but also be flattering and provide a lacy, summery look but in the same time to look cool and versatile.

crochet summer top, easy to crochet top, crochet for beginners, of shoulders top

I think this top would look beautiful in any color. But every time I don’t now what color to choose, I always choose grey, when I crochet a project or when I’m choosing an outfit, grey is my safety color to go, so this grey Wild Tulips top is perfect for my wardrobe. I can wear it with almost everything I have in my closet.

Skill level: Easy.

The pattern only uses basic stitches: ch, sc and dc and is very easy to crochet and it uses a simple construction method and has minimal shaping (you only crochet two squares, sew them together and then crochet the sleeves directly on the body) and that makes it perfect for beginners.

For the crochet Wild Tulips top you will need:

For my crochet Wild Tulips top I’ve used 300 g yarn and a 3,5 mm hook.

I recommend this yarn for this project:

This is a very high quality cotton yarn, produced in 100% pure and lovely cotton.

The color chart includes plenty of gorgeous colors, you just have to decide what color you like and get started. Here you can buy this yarn: 

And here you can find your favorite color: 

I love this yarn, it holds up really well to wear and comes in 28 of the most stunning colors!






If you prefer a 100% Premium Acrylic this is a very high quality yarn and comes in an enormous selection of colors. This is the perfect yarn for this project. You can buy this yarn here:

And here you can find your favorite color:

The final dimensions of the Wild Tulips top are: 45 cm width and 48 long (including the shoulders).




crochet summer top, easy to crochet top, crochet for beginners, of shoulders top


ch= chain;

st= stitch;

sc= single crochet;

dc= double crochet;

3 dc cl= 3 double crochet cluster;

V st= V stitch- double crochet, 2 chains, double crochet;

The pattern uses US crochet terminology.


crochet summer top, easy to crochet top, crochet for beginners, of shoulders top


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Pattern Instructions for the crochet Wild Tulips top:

The written pattern:

The front and back panel are crocheted the same.

Make multiple of 6 chains plus 1 (for my top I’ve started with 109 chains).

1. Row 1: ch 2, starting with 3rd ch crochet dc until the end of the row.

2. Row 2: ch 1,sc in 1st dc, *ch 2, skip 2 dc of previous row, V st, ch 2 skip 2 ch of previous row, sc*, repeat *-* until the end of the row;

3. Row 3: ch 3, * (3 dc cl, ch 2, 3 dc cl, 2 ch, 3 dc cl) in ch 2 of V st, ch 1*, repeat *-* until the last V st of the previous row, 1 dc in sc of previous row;

4. Row 4: ch 3, dc, *ch 1, dc in 2 ch of the previous row, ch 1, dc in next 2 ch of previous row, ch 1, dc in ch 1 of previous row”, repeat *-*;

5. Row 5: ch 2, starting with the ch of the previous row crochet “dc” in every ch and dc of the previous row until the end of the row.


Repeat the pattern from row 2 until you reach the desire length. For my top I’ve repeated the pattern 13 times.

The shoulders are very simple to crochet, just 2 rows for each one:

Row 1: ch 2, 24 dc;

Row 2: ch 1, 24 sc.

crochet summer top, easy to crochet top, crochet for beginners, of shoulders top

Crochet the second piece exactly the same.

Sew together the front and back panel leaving a space for the sleeves and  sew together the shoulders too.

The sleeves:

I’ve crocheted the sleeves directly on the top. But you can crochet them separately and sew it on the top, but it looks better with the sleeves crocheted directly on the body.

I’ve started with 61 dc and I’ve repeated the pattern twice. Sew together the sides and the sleeve it’s ready!  If you need a wider sleeves just leave a bigger space when you sew together the front and the back and crochet the pattern as wide as you need, just make sure to make multiple of 6 sts plus 1.

Weave in the ends and that it, you have a brand new beautiful top.

crochet summer top, easy to crochet top, crochet for beginners, of shoulders top

The chart for the stitch:


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I hope you enjoyed this project and I can’t wait to see your photos with this top, feel free to tag me when you share your crochet Wild Tulips top on Instagram or Facebook, or you can use the hashtag #turquoisewithvanilla. 

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